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Vacation in the ship

Napoleon Museum Arenenberg

15 minutes walk through the vineyard of the castle. Louis-Napoléon (late emperor Napoleon III) grew up in this castle.


The medieval town on the shore of Lake Constance. We recommend you to get to Meersburg by boat.

Rhine Falls

Enjoy a boat trip on the picturesque Untersee to Schaffhausen. On foot (about 30 minutes) or by public transport you can reach the Rhine Falls, Europe's largest waterfall, in a few minutes.

St. Gallen

Discover the cathedral and the abbey library in St. Gallen's monastery quarter and stroll through the magnificent old town.


Wonderful medieval old town. You can stroll and enjoy there. Discover the cathedral, the council and...

Reichenau Island

On the island is a mild climate. This favors a diverse cultivation of vegetables and fruits. In addition, there is an imposing monastery complex on the island.


The fortress that once protected the town of Schaffhausen from attack. The monument that has been the town's landmark since the 16th century.

Säntis suspension railroad

A little further away. The highest and most beautiful viewpoint of the whole Eastern Switzerland.

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